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Protecting the Interests of our clients

We specialize in everything related to business. This includes good strategic business planning, the preparation and review of contracts, as well as any licenses that may be needed in the business.

Legal advice in commercial law offers specialized legal support to companies, companies, businesses and entrepreneurs in all aspects related to their commercial activities. This service is designed to ensure that business operations are carried out in accordance with current regulations and to protect the legal interests of the company.

Service Areas include:

Commercial Contracts: Drafting, review and negotiation of purchase and sale contracts, distribution, agency, franchise, joint ventures, among others.

Advice on the interpretation and compliance of contracts.

Conflict Resolution and Commercial Litigation: Representation in commercial disputes, both in judicial proceedings and in arbitrations and mediations. Negotiation and resolution of contractual and commercial conflicts.

Licenses and special permits.



As part of our services we provide legal advice for companies seeking to establish themselves in Panama under the Special Regime for Multinational Company Headquarters (SEM), which offers the fiscal, immigration and labor conditions to guarantee that the Regional Headquarters of Multinational Companies (national or foreign companies) can develop their operations from Panama, and provide support services (Back office) to their related parties located around the world. Likewise, the Special Regime of Multinational Companies for the Provision of Services Related to Manufacturing (EMMA), is aimed at Multinationals (national or foreign) that wish to establish a Regional Headquarters in Panama to provide services related to manufacturing, assembly, remanufacturing, conditioning, maintenance and repair of products; It also includes logistics services, such as storage, deployment and distribution center of components or parts, required manufacturing and product development, research or innovation services, including analysis, laboratories and tests, to the companies that are part of its Group. Business.


Virtual office

We offer virtual office service for those clients who, although not located in Panama, require their business to have a presence.


In order to offer better services, we also provide document translation services from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, quickly and efficiently.

Opening of Bank Accounts

The account opening process includes the collection of specific documentation, such as personal identification, proof of income, bank references and, in the case of companies, incorporation documents and financial statements. Financial institutions usually require a personal interview and an initial deposit. This service is known for its efficiency and speed, although rigorous due diligence requirements must be met to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Panamanian legislation and international regulations influence procedures to ensure the transparency and legality of financial operations.

Business Legal Advice

Our objective is to provide legal advice to companies in order to comply with current legislation, prevent legal problems, and resolve conflicts that may arise in the course of their commercial activities. This advice covers a wide range of areas


We seek to provide guidance and support in complying with tax laws and optimizing the tax burden. We advise our clients to understand their tax obligations, to plan their activities to minimize the impact of taxes legally, and to resolve disputes with tax authorities. This includes: Tax Planning, Tax Compliance, Transaction Advice, Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in tax litigation and in negotiations with tax authorities, Legal Update.
This type of advice is crucial to avoid penalties, maximize tax savings and ensure that a company or individual's practices comply with current regulations.

Confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality agreements, also known as NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), are legal documents that we prepare to protect confidential information that is exchanged between two or more parties. These agreements establish the conditions under which information can be shared and the limits on its use, ensuring that sensitive information is not disclosed to third parties without authorization. Services related to confidentiality agreements in a law firm include:
Agreement Drafting, Review of Existing Agreements, Legal Advice, Negotiation, Dispute Resolution.


Our legal advice in litigation consists of providing legal guidance and representation to individuals or companies involved in judicial disputes. This service includes: Evaluation of the case and Analysis of the facts and evidence to determine the viability of the claim or defense; Legal strategy; Representation in court; Negotiation and mediation: Attempt to resolve the dispute outside of court through negotiated agreements; Compliance and monitoring.

This service seeks to protect the rights and interests of the client throughout the entire judicial process.

Negotiation and mediation

Both methods offer alternatives to traditional litigation, providing faster, less costly and often less adversarial ways to resolve disputes. Our job is to legally assist our client throughout the process, negotiating directly or accompanying them.

Lawyers in Charge

Roxana Rangel V.

Roxana Rangel V.

Managing Partner

Roxana Rangel V., is the owner and founder of the office, an expert in business, wealth management issues and corporate affairs. Speak English and Spanish.


Is it necessary to be in Panama to establish a company or a private interest foundation?

No, it is not necessary. Once the client accepts our costs, and sends us the documents related to due diligence, we can begin the incorporation process which can take 48-72 hours from the time the funds are received.

Do I need to be in Panama to open a bank account?

Yes, most banks will request a personal interview. In very few cases and depending on the client, and their need to open an account in Panama, exceptions may be made.

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Business Consulting, Contracts, Licenses, among others.


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