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At Roxana Rangel V., we specialize in Immigration Processes and Work Permits in Panama. Our team of expert attorneys is committed to guiding you through every step of the immigration process, offering personalized and effective solutions to meet your objectives.

Whether you need help with visas, permanent residence, work permits or any other immigration procedure, we are here to facilitate your path and ensure your success in Panama. With years of experience and deep knowledge of local regulations, we provide you with the legal support you need to establish and prosper in our country.


Provisional Residences

Permanent Residences

Work permit

Residence Permits

In Panama there are different ways to obtain a residence.

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Roxana Rangel V.

Roxana Rangel V.

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Roxana Rangel V., is the owner and founder of the office, an expert in business, wealth management issues and corporate affairs. Speak English and Spanish.


How long can a residency process take?

They can take 4 to 6 months, in each stage. However, a card in process that allows you to maintain legal status in Panama will be delivered to you upon presentation of all documentation, and will be valid until your immigration process is approved.

How many stages are there in the migration processes?

For some cases there are two stages: a provisional residence that lasts two years, and a permanent residence that is requested when the provisional residence expires.

What are the most important documents that I should carry with me to start an immigration process in Panama?

All processes must present a Police Record from the country of origin. If they are citizens of the United States, it is the Federal Police Record, that is, the FBI.
Additionally, if you are married and have children, you must bring your Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates with you.
All these documents must come duly Apostilled or legalized through the nearest Panamanian Consulate.

Residency Processes

Migration and Work Permits

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