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Protecting the interests of our clients.

Our legal advice and assistance in Corporate Law seeks to advise and represent individuals, companies, businesses, and companies in a wide variety of legal matters.

This services includes:
Constitution and Structuring of Companies, including the choice of the appropriate legal structure (public limited company, limited liability company, etc.), drafting of bylaws and agreements between partners, minutes, issuance of shares, changes in the board of directors, powers, appointment of resident agent.
Constitution and Structuring of Private Interest Foundations. These types of structures are commonly used for asset protection.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Assistance in the purchase, sale and merger of companies, including carrying out legal audits (due diligence), structuring the transaction and preparing the necessary documentation.

Regulatory Compliance: Advice on compliance with local and international laws and regulations that affect the company, such as tax, labor, environmental and data protection regulations.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Representation of companies in legal conflicts, whether through court litigation, arbitration or mediation, to resolve commercial, contractual and other legal conflicts.

The primary objective of corporate law is to protect the legal interests of the company, ensure its compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and facilitate its operation and growth efficiently and safely.


Resident Agent Service

In Panama all corporate structures such as private interest companies or foundations must have a resident agent. This figure, which is an essential requirement for the existence of a company or foundation. This position is filled by practicing lawyers duly authorized by the SSNF.
Do you want to change resident agent? Contact Us.

Share Issuance

Shares represent the capital of a company. All companies must own shares. It is for this reason that we advise and prepare the shares, in those cases in which the client has not issued them, or in cases in which he wants a new issue.

Preparation of Minutes

We advise, prepare and formalize the decisions made by the Board of Directors, Shareholders' Assembly of a Company, or those of the Foundations Council of a Private Interest Foundation. Our service includes, depending on the formalism and the client's needs, its collection and registration in the Public Registry of Panama.

Societies and Foundations

We incorporate companies for businesses, or asset protection structures. We offer packages that include: Incorporation, notarial expenses, stock books, obtaining a taxpayer number, translations, even if the client needs it, virtual office service.
For foundations all our packages include a basic regulation.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Legal Advice involves advising our clients to organize and manage their assets for the future, ensuring that they are distributed according to their wishes upon their death and minimizing taxes and legal costs.
Our services include the creation of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, as well as incapacity planning and asset protection. As well as advising on strategies for transferring property, donating assets during life and ensuring that the client's wishes are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Lawyers in Charge

Roxana Rangel V.

Roxana Rangel V.

Managing Partner

Roxana Rangel V., is the owner and founder of the office, an expert in business, wealth management issues and corporate affairs. Speak English and Spanish.


How can the assets of an operating corporation be protected?

For this, structures can be created using private interest companies or foundations?

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Societies and Foundations


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